Freitag, 20. August 2004
Transforming Spaces: The Topological Turn in Technology Studies
I recently stumbled upon this website detailing the program of an international conference held in Darmstadt, Germany, March 22-24, 2002: Transforming Spaces: The Topological Turn in Technology Studies. Considering the date, this is rather "old news". However, through this website, the abstracts of the different sections are still available and might be of interest. For example, they might help to decide whether one would want to get hold of the proceedings of this conference.

The focus is described as follows:
This conference problematizes the spatial character of the relationship between technology and human beings. It addresses two interrelated questions: To what extent do machines and media organize society three-dimensionally—thus ordering the spaces in which modern life takes place? And, conversely, to what extent do material and communicative structures open up new mental and physical spaces—thus transforming the boundaries of daily life?

The sections:
SECTION 1: Coping with Urban Places: Physical Structures and Daily Life in the Modern City
SECTION 2 Coping with the Dimensions: Visual Technologies and the Re-Ordering of Spaces
SECTION 3: Virtual Entertainment, the Arts, and Emerging Lifestyles
SECTION 4: The Spatial Dimension of Human — Non-human Interaction

EDIT: I just found the proceedings which happen to be published online. (Unfortunately, this publication does not include the entirety of the contributions. Sorely missing is for example "From Saigon to SimCity© and back" by Claus Pias.)

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